Why choose us?

When you choose Interm IT you are inviting a new member into your school family. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience – from not just your consultant but a whole team working together to support you and your systems to embed technology effortlessly into your everyday teaching, learning and working life.

You will find nothing is too much trouble for your onsite tech, our support desk or our admin team. We have a positive, can-do attitude; as after 21 years of doing what we do, we understand how stressful even the little things can be. By providing dedicated consultants as an extended member of your team, you know your educational environment is supported, backed up by our in-house support desk and the use of cloud-based safeguarding and monitoring tools.

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Fixed budgets, future-proofed systems

Interm IT are passionate about introducing their schools to the most current and innovative technology in order that they may thrive and be ready for the future. Our consultant-technician support extends past the “fix your computer issues”. From support to equipment supply to WiFi, switches and even phone systems, we can tailor a full 5 year rolling programme so that you have peace of mind when it comes to budgeting…and you can rest assured knowing that your system is future-proofed to deal with whatever comes your way.

By forward planning, you will always be one step ahead. We can install and maintain a wide variety of technologies from servers – both onsite and cloud – Google devices, iPads and desktop / laptop computers, along with the necessary disaster recovery solutions to protect these. Comprehensive project management, included as standard, means that these are delivered effectively and on time to the highest quality. Whatever your budget, we can find a solution to fit you – and even offer leasing options, should you need them.

Solutions tailored to each school’s needs

At Interm IT, we want to help educational environments reflect, reform, and reconcile their needs as a school by creating our Digital Strategy.

As part of this process, we will provide our expertise to pose questions regarding how your school is being affected currently. This will help to produce a technology roadmap that includes how you are affected by GDPR and Dfe recommendations, whilst ensuring a sustainable (financially and infrastructurally) circular strategy for devices tailored to each school’s needs.

With pupils back in the school classroom, we can assist in embracing the change whilst reducing workload and supporting teaching and learning, using the cloud where appropriate, and not just because it’s the new fad…

students studying in IT class school

No hidden extras

Our pricing is clear and concise from the start, with no hidden extras or additional add-on costs to support technologies. Regardless of the technologies you are using, if you have Apple, Google, Microsoft or Android devices, we can expertly support them without charging any extra for their day-to-day support. We are totally transparent and deliver value for money.

Who we work with

Interm IT supports schools all over Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Luton, Northants, North London and Essex.

Our team works closely with school leadership amongst a large variety of educational settings, from village schools, primary, secondary, ESC and special need schools.

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