Our Partners

Interm IT are proud to be partnered with some of the industry’s foremost leading companies in educational products and services.

Senso.cloud has reimagined the way how Interm IT can manage supported schools, protect and support their users, devices and systems.

Built on globally successful knowledge and understanding, spanning over 20 years, senso™ is designed to consolidate Network, Classroom and Safeguarding management in to one true cloud based platform. Not limited by the boundaries of a Local Network, senso™ is highly scalable and perfect for those needing a solution to monitor and manage devices in a single or multiple locations, over the internet, in real-time.


Arbor MIS (Management Information System) is the hassle-free way for schools and trusts to get work done. Whether you’re a primary, secondary or MAT, Arbor helps you make essential daily admin more powerful and less stressful. With Arbor you can easily manage your school’s essential daily admin, record important student information, create intuitive reports and act on everything important, fast – so you and your staff can focus on what matters most.

We’ve partnered with Arbor because like us, they believe in helping schools stress less and get the best out of their technology, so they can focus on what’s important. Interm IT are working towards their accreditation on Arbor MIS, meaning it will soon be easier than ever for schools in the South East to switch MIS, knowing they’ll be supported every step of the way by their trusted, local IT support team.


Redstor delivers schools and MATs a smarter backup and recovery platform built for the cloud and fully scalable. The Redstor platform unifies the protection of modern, legacy and SaaS infrastructure via a single app (RedApp). Breakthrough streaming technology delivers instant data access and mobility, bringing users back in seconds after outages, whilst unlocking all the benefits of a cloud-first model. Artificial intelligence (AI) polices backups to identify and isolate malware for restores. With no hardware requirements and setup times of under 60 seconds, Redstor is purpose-built for the education sector. Speak to the team today to trial for free.


WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in unified cybersecurity. Our Unified Security Platform™ is uniquely designed for managed service providers to deliver world-class security that increases their business scale and velocity while also improving operational efficiency. Trusted by more than 250,000 customers, the company’s award-winning products and services span network security and intelligence, advanced endpoint protection and multi-factor authentication. Together, they cover the critical elements of a security platform: comprehensive security, shared knowledge, clarity & control, operational alignment, and automation.


RM Education have partnered with Interm IT for over 10 years to provide a large number of schools with ICT support, allowing them to focus more on teaching and learning. RM Education work with Interm IT and their schools to provide a range of education specific ICT including internet connectivity and cloud-based software for single sign on through RM Unify.


Local Partners

Our local partners know and understand the nuances of working in schools. Interm IT are happy to recommend these companies because the feedback from schools has been exemplary for every one of them.

AD Electrical

NIC Certificated Electricians

07894 151509

Herts Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installs & Servicing

07525 836411


InVentry Sign in Solutions

07890 652216


Document Imaging Services

Martin Smith
07973 906086

Executive Carpet Care

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Mark Pritchard
0800 695 2221