Network Management

Curriculum virtual server - K9

Your own Hybrid cloud server system, Microsoft configured with education in mind. Enabling your admin, teaching & pupils to empower generations.

Over the past 15 years, our server solution has been shaped to meet the needs of schools – it would be impractical to list all its features and permissions within this website. However, requirements for staff, pupil and admin accounts have been taken care of, ensuring that safety, security and data protection are their focus.

A variety of essential features... as standard

System tools – such as Microsoft's WSUS, which controls the updates within your school’s computers – are set up as standard. Microsoft's MDT and WDS allow your technician to quickly build a computer to your network, saving you time but also ensuring that the basic needs are met for the new computer…such as antivirus and Senso safeguarding being installed automatically. Our custom written user manager allows users to be created rapidly; hundreds of users can be created with the correct permissions in a few minutes, which is especially useful at the start of the school year.

As standard you will also have a Staff shared drive, a Pupil shared drive, and also a finance and admin shared drives; these are customisable should you need more. Items such as the lock screen with welcome message and AUP (acceptable use policy) statement ensure that the system can be personalised to your school.

Security and GDPR have shaped the system as well, for example when you go to log on to the computer it will not show the previous person's log on username. If your computers support it, they will all be encrypted with Microsoft bitlocker as standard.

Natively syncing your Microsoft 365 and Google platforms with your network ensures that you can use the best features of cloud technologies, without losing any services you are using now.

Network Management K9 Hybrid Cloud Server system

  • Exceeds Ofsted’s requirements including anti-radicalisation
  • Monitoring software to detect bullying
  • Easy and fast deployment of computers and software
  • Remote access from home for teachers as standard
  • Scalable for all sizes of educational establishments
  • Intuitive K9 user manager to help day to day tasks
  • K9 software launcher for easy use of programmes
  • Configurable to your school’s needs
  • Will work on lower spec machines compared to its rivals

Designed for education

Designed for education

K9 is available exclusively for educational use to enable efficient and flexible use by both teachers and pupils.

User friendly

User friendly

Easy for users of all abilities to use, thanks to features such as the K9 Dock, where all your shortcuts are placed on a bar at the bottom of the screen.

Management tools

Management tools

Simple and bespoke educational network management to enable all system tasks to be performed quickly.